Can I Teach My Child Phonological Awareness?

  Can I Teach Phonological Awareness?   Every parent or caregiver, once they understand how critically important phonological awareness is (PA) wants to know how to ‘teach’ it. Learning this skill is entirely understandable because you want what’s best for your child! So do I! So, can I teach my child phonological awareness? Yes! Interesting enough, there are many […]

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What No One Tell You About Reading Instruction

  What No One Tells You About Reading Instruction My first concern about reading instruction occurred when my son wasn’t learning to read. I heard over and over, “He’s a boy; they don’t learn as fast.” “Quit being a helicopter mom, give him time.” “You’re over-reacting because of your educational background.” Well, guess what? He […]

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My Son’s Teacher Was A Bully

No one wants to be bullied, especially by a teacher. I’ll be honest, it’s hard to hear that your child has learning problems. It’s difficult to be dismissed when you have concerns. I’m sharing the heartache and decision making we made in order to help our son. Granted, this was years ago, but I know things […]

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