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autoimmune symptoms and signs

Be Aware of These Autoimmune Symptoms and Signs

autoimmune symptoms and signs

People ask me all the time why I gave up teaching and the answer is easy and complicated at the same time. I was tired, sick and stressed and so was my family. So, a little over a year ago, I decided to study in an area I’d always dreamt about learning. Health and Nutrition. I decided to give up my teaching career and delve into this field once and for all. It took me a while, but I finally woke up to the fact that my family was sick, each of us suffering from something different and unique. But all indicating autoimmune symptoms and signs. Even though our symptoms were different, we are all slightly connected by threads that created a checked fabric called autoimmune disorders.

The truth of the matter is, I didn’t even understand any of this at the time! I only knew something was wrong not only with me but with every member of my family.

Last year I attended the Institute of Integrated Nutrition (IIN) where I learned more about diet, lifestyle, bio-individuality, and self-care than I ever could have imagined in my wildest dreams. What I learned – started our journey back to health.

In fact, you can watch a free class here if you’d like.

Now, just a few months after graduating I’m re-enrolled to absorb as much as I can about hormones, autoimmune disease and much much more.

Why Autoimmune Symptoms and Signs?

Yes, this sounds cryptic. I swear I thought we were living relatively healthy lives but as my children grew up and my husband and I grew older things started to slowly but steadily change. As each one of us would pursue our doctor visits independent of each other, we were told the same thing over and over and over again.

“You are getting older.

Your DNA dictates your health

There’s nothing you can do to prevent it – let alone reverse the symptoms!”

In most cases, or at least in our situation, the primary care doctor sent us off to one specialist after another, without a diagnosis.  The experts offered an array or medications to combat pain and barely spoke about the side effects.

In the case of my daughter, all she needed to do is take thyroid medication for the rest of her life!


All the while the dosage will probably continue to increase with age.

My husband was a walking pharmacy trying to contain cholesterol, gout, blood sugars and kidney stones.

Having even one autoimmune condition makes you three times more likely to develop another one according to Dr. Amy Myers.  And, what if your next disorder is even more debilitating? Do you throw in the towel and accept the fact that this is your life?

I don’t think so!

Autoimmune Symptoms and Signs

An autoimmune disorder is when your body immune system begins to attack your tissue. The list of symptoms is long. Any of these symptoms can signal either an autoimmune disease or the inflammation of your immune system. Both of which can lead to a disease. For a list of these autoimmune symptoms, please get it here.


Autoimmune Symptoms Change Your Life

One of the primary outcomes we have learned as a family is that there can be a personal price you pay for a disease.

For my husband, his fun active life suffered, he just didn’t have the energy to do the high energy outdoorsy things he used to. Hiking and skiing are in the way distant past, even walking the dog became a major chore.

I know I often felt despondent not wanting to get together socially with friends and eventually they stopped calling which led to sadness and depression

Who can blame them?

My daughter felt incredible feelings of denial and anger. Feeling that you have no control over your health and your body creates all sorts of negative sentiments of self-worth.

My son debilitated by a leaky gut that caused him to change his work schedule to accommodate his illness and held captive to his own body.

Our journey has been just that, a journey that has led us to meet joyful people travel to locations for answers that we never imagined and eat delicious foods!

The outcomes are positive, and we are still growing and changing our lives individually and together as a unit.

The first step is to identify if you might have an autoimmune disorder – funny thing is you might not even realize you do. Check out the list of symptoms and contact your doctor if one or many sounds all too familiar.

Check out the list of symptoms and contact your doctor if one or many sounds all too familiar.

I will love it if you comment below so you can share your journey with others too!




  • Rebecca Forstadt Olkowski
    Posted at 01:19h, 21 August

    So far I haven’t needed to be on any medications and walk every day so no major pain. Could stand to lose some LBs. Great list. Thanks.

    • Maureen
      Posted at 15:49h, 21 August

      Thank Rebecca, walking is amazing. I don’t think we give it enough credit! Thanks for sharing!