Being Happy, Raising Happy • Maureen Lake
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The Empowered Mom’s Guide

to Helping Her Spirited Child Bloom


5 star review Readers Choice

Now a Reader Choice 5 Star book!

“Being Happy Raising Happy is a book about how helping yourself can strengthen your whole family. I must say this book has inspired me to want to pass on her wisdom to other parents.”

Toni Linder, Professor Emerita
Morgridge College of Education
University of Denver

“And when you take the advice and perspective Maureen Lake has laid out in this book, you have no idea the immeasurable impact you could make on your son or daughter. Even if you grab 3 ideas from the next few chapters, those are three dominos you’re dropping which could have immeasurable results.”

Todd Herman, Entrepreneur/Dad/Unstoppable Dyslexic

“Maureen shares her wisdom, compassion, and strength as she opens up and expresses ways to reduce stress and anxiety whilst creating a closer relationship with one’s spirited child.”  

Lynn Kuhn, M.A., CCC-SLP,  Board of Directors of the International Dyslexia Association-Rocky Mountain Branch

“With concrete and useful tools about such important topics as the relationship between stress and food and the value in reducing stress with mindfulness techniques the author draws a path towards greater self Being_Happy_Raising_Happy (1)-care, reduction of stress and cortisone levels and greater happiness.”

Bradley Lake, LICSW, LCSW-C




Soon to be available through your favorite bookstore or online at:

Amazon,  Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Chapters & Powell’s