Four Tips To Stop Sugar Cravings For Good • Maureen Lake
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sugar cravings

Four Tips To Stop Sugar Cravings For Good

sugar cravings

Sugar Cravings Are The Worst

I know I’m fed up with having sugar cravings and they especially hit me right after eating dinner or mid-afternoon when I’m experiencing that blood sugar slump. I’ve struggled with sugar for years and I still struggle off and on. But, now I have some special techniques I follow that I wish I had earlier in my long health journey!

But first, let’s address one important issue that needs to come out in the open. We Americans consume 150 lbs of sugar a year. What?!? I am NOT exaggerating! Not only is this disgusting but it’s killing us. No wonder we are the fattest country with the highest level of diabetes in the world!

The good news is by cutting your sugar intake, you’ll begin to feel better, have less anxiety and see a slimmer woman with glowing skin and an increase in energy. This dangerous addictive additive will no longer control your life and you my dear friend will feel amazing once you toss this demon away once and for all!

Sugar Cravings: Tip One

When was the last time you drank some water or tea? Yes, this probably sounds a little bit crazy but some times sugar cravings are because of dehydration. Are you one of the many who gets bored with water? If that’s you, have you tried  PERRIER Sparkling Mineral Water, Or, what about adding some citrus to your sparkling water or berries? Every blue moon, when we crave something sweet drinking a warm cup of tea just might do the trick too. Try a cup of green tea with extra lemon and notice the craving slip away with each drink.

Sugar Cravings: Tip Two

Let’s face it. Your tongue has taste buds that are demanding something sweet so often we need to feed them what they want. But, it doesn’t have to be loaded with sugar because luckily there are tons of delicious foods and spices we get naturally from real food. Beets, carrots, berries, figs & apples are all sweet and will satisfy these taste buds in a heart beat. Did you know adding cinnamon to food will stabilize blood sugar? Add that to your water, tea or squash for a double whammy.

Sugar Cravings: Tip Three

Your gut is incredibly important to keep healthy. A body overloaded with sugar including refined carbs, are busy depleting your gut of the good bacteria it needs to keep you healthy. When your gut gets out of balance, which will happen with our sugar intake as high as it is, this causes a yeast overgrowth known as Candida which feeds on sugar. In fact, we are creating cravings without even realizing it!

What can you do? Well, probiotics to the rescue! You can introduce probiotics naturally via the food you eat such as fermented foods like Kimchi, or by taking a high-quality PRE and PRObiotic supplement. One of my favorites probiotics is Renew Life

Sugar Cravings: Tip Four

Now, this tip I stumbled upon while on my 14 Day Be Well Cleanse that I completed a few days ago. Not only is the cleanse super easy to follow, but it came with an amazing supplement that cuts sugar cravings. Trust me I was a skeptic because the main reason why I went on this cleanse is that I started to allow too many sweets creep back into my life.

Did this work?

One thing I know for sure is when I detox or cleanse for any reason I immediately start craving what I can’t have. What’s my number one “can’t have?”


Well, I’m here to share that this supplement does work and I highly recommend it.

L-Glutamine has many benefits, and needless to say, this supplement is now one I take daily. Why wouldn’t you with some of these amazing benefits?

1) reduces cravings for high-glycemic carbohydrates.

2) stabilizes blood sugar and

3) nourishes, repairs and build the cells of your gut lining.

Try some of these tips and let me know what worked and didn’t work for you. Also, contact me if you’d like to dig deeper into why sugar is controlling your life, or maybe you’re ready to stop the cravings and end your stress- I’m here to help. Transformation begins with awareness – that’s the first step toward change.

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