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Type 2 diabetes and metabolic disorder site for information, education and sugar-free, gluten-free recipes.
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I help women with diabetes create a plan for a magnificent life so they can regain their health and live their life with newfound energy and joy that comes with second chances.

Transform yourself to reach your dreams and everything you want in life.

Cue the confetti! 

Being Happy, Raising Happy 


book available on Amazon.com

In her best-selling book, Maureen admitted that during her most difficult days raising her challenging child she often thought about leaving home, and never return. She often wondered if anyone would even notice she was gone.

It wasn’t until illness overcame her family that she decided to take a good hard look at herself and her family and the picture was not pretty.

Unable to find the support she desperately needed, Maureen leaned on her decades of experience as a special educator and health coach to create a five-pillar program to help other women build self-care transformations that will infuse joy into their life and consequently their family’s health.

Just for you! A Low Glycemic 7 Day Meal Plan, Recipes & Shopping List ❤️

Tips and Tricks from Maureen


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