Maureen Lake | Transformational Health and Mindset Coach
Maureen Lake, MA is the author of the award-winning best-selling book on self-care for busy moms, “Happy Raising Happy.” Maureen has helped hundreds of women, including working professionals and stay at home moms. She specializes in adrenal and hypothyroid difficulties, insulin resistance and sleep issues. She’s helped women regain their health, strength, and energy through lifestyle changes and diet.
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Celebrate Your Life & Wellness in Style! 

I’ll Show You How!

Believe in Your Body & Wellness Plan

Are you ready to live your vibrant life? Learn to redefine what healthy feels. 

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Maureen Lake

Hello! I’m Maureen.

Integrative Holistic Wellness Expert and Advocate for Woman’s Health. I help women understand the root cause of their issues and show them how to hit the reset button and catapult their health and vitality to new levels.

The Graceful Healing Method

Graceful Healing is focused on women who want to feel healthy and whole again while facing their unique healing journey by providing tools, tips, and beliefs for true transformation to happen. Be a part of our community and revel in newfound energy and vitality.


  • 2- individual calls
  • Six-week group sessions
  • Connection, community, and refinement of your life